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Nutritional Training – Get the most energy out of your food !

“The nutritional preparation” For every important event or race that you plan on taking part in, there are four key components. It is very much like a chair where each leg is as important as the other two:  The physical preparation: Train the muscle, improve efficiency, coordination, and technique. The…

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Excited For The 2014 VeloSwap? So Are We!

We are already pumped up to see all of you again at this year’s edition of the VeloSwap in Denver, CO.  As it has been the case for the past few years, it is going to be another huge, crazy cultural cycling event.  We, at Belgium Cycles, live and breathe…

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Hand Numbness & Tingling

Hand numbness and tingling are very common issues among cyclists. It can be debilitating and, except injuries or any specific medical condition is generally due to a bad positioning on the bike (upper body, hands, etc.). These below are few variables to look at and may help you in the…

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