Repair Shop

Flat tire? Wheel truing, brake maintenance, chain replacement, derailleur adjustment? At Belgium Cycles our bike repair team does it all.

Bikes break. It is in their nature. In fact, if they don’t break, it’s because we’re not trying hard enough!

But a broken bike doesn’t have to mean that your trusty steed is banished to the garage until next Spring. A fast, affordable and easy trip to Belgium Cycles will get you back in the saddle in next to no time.

So whether you’re feeling flat, ‘framed’ for a crime you didn’t commit, or just not pumped up about riding that tired old monster, call us at +1 (303) 803-0331!

  • We service all road bikes, mountain bikes, and both BMX and time trial bikes as well.
  • Consider an overhaul! Upgrading your current machine with the latest group / gruppo or set of wheels can make you faster. The difference in price between a new bike and a faster, slicker, more efficient upgraded bicycle can be enormous.
  • Repairs – from simple to complex: having worked around bikes for many years, we can assist you with repairs of all types, from a flat tire to suspension fork maintenance.
  • Cyclists trust us every day with their wheel truing, brake maintenance, chain replacements, derailleur adjustments and many more repairs. We ride what we fix, because we work hard to do a truly excellent repair job.

Tune-Up Options

On top of these tune-ups, we also offer complete overhauls of used and new bicycles with different group/gruppo and new or used wheelsets and accessories. Depending on the biscycle and the conversion to be made, we have different rates. Please contact us for more information.

In order to choose the right tune-up for you, we will go through your bicycle together to ensure we can fulfill all needs. Recommendations will be made as we may see additional repairs or improvements that will need to be performed in the future.

The “Criterium” Tune-up

  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust derailleurs
  • Quick lube of drivetrain
  • Inspect & inflate tires
  • General safety inspection
  • Detailed check list for future repairs and parts replacement

The “Classic” Tune-up

$75 + Parts
  • Adjust, inspect and clean brakes, calipers and cables
  • Adjust, inspect, and clean derailleurs
  • Clean & lube drivetrain
  • Inspect & inflate tires to recommended pressure
  • Comple safety inspection
  • Check list for future repairs and parts replacement
  • Complete bike cleaning
  • True wheels(not involving broken spokes)

The “Grand Tour” Tune-up

$115 + Parts
  • Adjust, inspect and clean brakes, calipers and cables (replace cable if necessary!)
  • Adjust, inspect, clean and derailleurs (replace cable if necessary!)
  • Complete drivetrain overhaul, cleaning and lubrication (replace chain and cassette if necessary!)
  • Inspect & Inflate tires to recommended pressure (replace tire and tube if necessary!)
  • Check list of future repairs and parts replacement
  • Complete bike cleaning
  • True wheels (not involving broken spokes)
  • New bar tape