Coaching? This is a bike, right? You get on, you try not to fall off, you ride hard and you call home twenty minutes before you arrive to get a tub drawn… that’s cycling, isn’t it?

We like to think there’s a little more to your cycling experience – and we have the miles to prove it.

Our coaching sessions are geared toward improving your entire experience of the world of cycling. We’re not just here to discuss professional strategies for races (although we can certainly help) – we’re also here for the everyday rider who just wants to enjoy their bike, their community, and the beautiful state that we live in. Here are a few examples of some of the coaching sessions that we have provided recently to cyclists of all levels.

  • Technical repairs: how to make them, and how to spot that they need to be made.
  • Bike modifications: is it you, or is it your bike? How can you improve your speed or endurance at the minimum cost for the maximum return?
  • Purchase of a new or used bike: which size, equipment and bike gear ratio should you choose, based on your own body mechanics?
  • The best rides around the Boulder–Longmont area: we know them all, and we’d love to share!
  • Nutrition: food and drink before, during and after your rides.
  • Clothing: what to buy, where to buy it, and what you should pay for it.
  • What to take with you on a bike ride for road-side emergencies.

Whatever subject you’re interested in discussing, chances are we have had experience with the issue. Years and years in the saddle have given us the knowledge (and the blisters!) to prove it!

Our coaching sessions are provided one-on-one at very reasonable prices. Please contact us to find out more at +1 (303) 803-0331.

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