Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting Recommendations

Because of body changes, we recommend a bike-fitting every year. We also highly recommend visiting a neuromuscular therapist prior to the bike-fitting in order to balance the musculoskeletal or locomotor system. Having balanced hips, shoulders, and neck line is essential!

We can recommend a therapist we work with frequently, who is very experienced in these matters.

Excellence In Precision Bike Fitting

Belgium Cycles provides effective and personalized bike fitting services. Our approach is focused on offering the best possible fitting option that will provide optimum pedaling efficiency as well as comfort in your riding experience.

At Belgium Cycles, we assist all riders, regardless of your age, experience and physical condition. We welcome every bicycle enthusiast; from the occasional rider and the weekend warrior to the Cat1 and semi-pro rider with hopes of victory!

We believe that bike fitting is as much an art as a science and a good posture on the bike can not be achieved solely based on a computerized model. Of course your measurements are the foundation of the whole process, but we will also take into consideration your own unique variables such as previous accidents, chronic aches and pains, and spinal alignment.

Our bike fitting process is usually takes about two hours. It includes complete morphological measurements, a rider interview, comprehensive structural and postural assessment, an anatomically-and-biomechanically-appropriate body position on the bike, and information for resolving issues like pain, discomfort, and potential long term injuries.

Finally, it also includes a follow-up visit of 30 minutes in order to tweak the last details.

As a family business, we aim to provide an exceptional service at a price that any bike enthusiast can afford. You might spend thousands on your bike – but we ensure that you don’t have to spend too much to enjoy it to its full potential.

Our two-hour bike fitting service is $155.00, which includes the follow-up visit. This price does not include parts or components that will have to be modified, adapted or added in the fitting process.

The bike fitting at Belgium Cycles of Boulder and Longmont is highly comprehensive, and designed to provide bike riders of all levels with a better experience of their riding.

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