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For Speed. For Strength.


The right BIKE is only the start.

At Belgium Cycles, we make your bike, YOUR bike.

Extracting the maximum efficiency, power and energy from your body is what your bike is designed to do. But when your body and your bike don't match precisely, precious watts are wasted. Our family-owned business uses state-of-the-art technology to precisely tailor your bike to your individual shape, form and movement– resulting in a bike that's faster, and a rider who really will go the extra mile.
"I am a busy professional and competitive athlete so needless to say I do not have time for mechanical problems. Etienne is a knowledgeable bike fitter and takes his time to personalize each fit and not try to fit you into some generalized computer template. He helped greatly with a knee injury that was being exacerbated by my bike position."
Brandon, Longmont
"Etienne Van Tiggelen, owner of Belgium Cycles, is the real deal. He sells incredible wheels at a fraction of the cost, and is also a very talented and fully equipped mechanic. If you are looking at getting a reliable wheelset at a low price, he makes aluminum and carbon wheels from 20-50mm. He also rides them himself, as do his wife and children."
Joseph, Longmont

We will fit your bike

to the contours

of your body

for maximum cycling efficiency.

Our Services

Bike Fitting

Our custom fits - by trained male or female techs - will convert you and your bike into a seamless, unbeatable machine.

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Bike Repair

Bikes break. And the harder you push 'em, the harder they push back. We put bikes back on the road - quickly, safely, and usually better than new.

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Bike Store

We carry a small selection of the most exceptional bicycle accessories, focusing on specialist wheels and race-quality jerseys.

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Bike Coaching

From bike mechanics to nutrition, strategy to technique, our bike coaching will teach you things about cycling you never even knew to ask about.

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Road bikes.


We'll even fix your BMX!

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